Terry Miller lives in Seattle with his husband, sex and relationship advice columnist and political television pundit Dan Savage

Terry is a cofounder with Dan of the It Gets Better Project, an anti-suicide campaign aimed at LGBT youth. From the start with their single video, the It Gets Better Youtube channel has become the largest on Youtube with contributions from leading world figures including President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as large organization like NASA. Many musical stars and actors have also contributed to the project. Terry was chosen in early 2017 by the Tom of Finland Foundation to be the brand ambassador for the Tom of Finland Store and the Foundation. He is known throughout the leather community for working with large leather brand like Mr. S in San Francisco.

Terry currently works for Mr. Turk, a Los Angeles based fashion brand, as a rep and brand promoter/ambassador.

Terry is also identified strongly with the finer things in life. He holds season tickets to Seattle Opera, Chamber Music Society, and the Seattle Symphony - on which Terry is also a board member.